Disability Income Insurance

The ability to earn an income is the single most important asset a person has.  Many people assume that their home, 401 (k), or other assets are the most valuable.  Many fail to consider that the ability to work and earn an income is the largest and most important asset of all.

What would happen if suddenly, you could not perform your job due to an illness, injury, or random accident?  Many professionals, business owners, and others do not consider this and the effects are simply catastrophic.

The solution is a personally owned disability contract from The Guardian.  The Guardian is the best disability contract on the market for many reasons.

Not all disability contracts are created the same. When reviewing your disability insurance options, you should be sure to understand the differences between company contracts.  With life insurance, you are either dead or not dead and a claim is paid if you die.  With disability insurance, the key to the contract is the definition of disability and the requirements that will trigger the policy benefits.

All disability contracts are NOT created equal.

The best disability insurance carrier, and the top disability company in the business, is The Guardian.  Guardian has the best definition of disability and the best contract terms of any available carrier in the industry.  Here is a short explanation of why Guardian is the superior company to work with.

The best definition of disability

Generally, the more language included in a definition, the less likely a company is to pay a claim.  Guardian’s definition is fairly simple, and is as follows:

“Total Disability or Totally Disabled means that, solely due to Injury or Sickness, You are not able to perform the material and substantial duties of Your Occupation. You will be Totally Disabled even if you are Gainfully Employed in another occupation so long as, solely due to Injury or Sickness, You are not able to work in Your Occupation.

Guardian also includes a specialty definition for physicians and dentists that states that their specific specialty is to be defined as their occupation.  Other carriers do not offer a specialty definition.  The specialty definition is as follows:

“If you have limited Your Occupation to the performance of the material and substantial duties of a single medical specialty or to a single dental specialty, We will deem that specialty to be Your Occupation.”

  • Guardian contracts are guaranteed renewable and non-cancellable as a standard benefit.  This means the premiums and contract terms are fixed and guaranteed all the way up to age 67 if you choose age 67 as your maximum benefit period.  Other companies with “to age 67” benefit periods may eliminate the guaranteed renewable and non-cancellable parts of the contract at age 65, or may not have those guarantees in the first place.
  • Guardian requires only a 15% loss of income to trigger the residual or partial disability benefit and pays a dollar-for-dollar benefit on lost income for the first 12 months, while other companies do not have the same provision for the first 12 months. Guardian does not require any loss of duties for residual benefits, just loss of income. Other companies require loss of time or duties.
  • Different periods of disability count towards the elimination period whether from the same or different disabilities.  Other companies may require a new elimination period for separate disabilities
  • Elimination period is waived for 5 years after the end of the previous disability as long as the disability lasted for more than 6 months and they paid benefits for the disability. The second disability can be related or unrelated.   Other companies do not feature this premium waiver.
  • Premiums are waived during disability and for six months after the disability ends. Any premiums eligible for the waiver are refunded, even if they were paid before the disability began. Some companies only pay back premiums that were paid or due while disabled.
  • Cost of living adjustment increases are a fixed 3%, not tied to the CPI. For recoveries that occur prior to age 60, the amount to which benefits have increased becomes locked in as part of the base benefit with no additional premium required. Other carriers revert to the original benefit or will charge an extra premium for the additional benefit (based on age).
  • Automatic benefit increases of 4% compounded each year are included for five years regardless of change in health, occupation, or income. After five years, the rider can be renewed with additional underwriting. Each increase in benefits requires an additional premium based on the age they are exercised. The increases are optional and can be refused by notifying the company in writing.

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Our firm works with many professionals in all fields; medical, dental, attorneys, business executives, engineers, self-employed/1099, and business owners.  These individuals typically have spent large amounts of time and considerable amounts of money to become experts in their fields.  These highly educated, specialized professionals are typically high income earners.  It makes sense for them to protect their most valuable asset – their earning potential and income in the event that they become sick or hurt.

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